Functional. Elegant. Unique.
Life Well Designed.

At Hameatzvot we believe in designing homes which are beautiful to look at and comfortable to live in. Inspired by lifestyles across the globe - from NYC to London all the way to Tokyo - we give these cultures expression with a local Israeli flair. Each component in our designs balances one another, making use of every crevasse from floor to ceiling, with great attention to detail. We love layering materials and textures, creating a sense of three dimensionality, and using calming color palettes which allow for personalized aesthetics to shine through. Moved by precise architecture that evokes feelings and combining creativity with organization, we constantly search for what is different, distinctive and new.

It’s All About The Process.

The key to unlocking your home is answering how you want to feel living in it. We want to ensure that your space is yours, one you feel inspired by, which reflects your personal style and that brings you joy. At each stage of our process - from initial consultations to home visits and finally the finishing touches - we work hand-in-hand with you to determine how you want to live. As a boutique firm, we are both accessible and personable, guiding you through the entire process and attentive to your needs at each step of the way.



Driven By Design.
Inspired By Challenges.

Our expertise lies in designing functional spaces which are comfortable to live and work in. We specialize in high-end apartments, “challenging” spaces, and offices. In each project we take advantage of the specific architectural layout, implementing design choices which make use of unapparent spaces. We also offer “Office Hours” for those in need of consultation on project-specific questions.

Wrong or no access token.

84 Ben Zvi Road (Panorama House) Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Loft 603, Free Parking On The Third Floor
Lital - 052-3112665 ​​| [email protected] 
Lucy - 050-7406040 ​​| [email protected]

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